Amazing Villa Bahati Zanzibar Reopening in December 2020


Reopening soon. For your best and safe Zanzibar holidays, Villa Bahati Zanzibar plans to reopen in October 2020. Stay tuned. Great new features, beautifully upgraded premises and rooms,  new workshop highlights and more. Karibu – Welcome!

Covid 19.  Safety rules and procedures in place at Villa Bahati Zanzibar. We follow the National Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) of Tanzania and as recommended by WHO to prevent COVID19 infection. Our staff have been trained, will keeping distance and/or no contact with our guests, washing hands and use disinfectant sanitizer and wearing face mask. All rooms will be sanitized completely before guest arrival.

(i)     All employees should be trained, exercise and adhere to COVID-19 preventive and control measures  as advised by MoHCDGEC including;

a)     Maintaining a distance of  at least one (1) meter from one person to another whilst interacting with each other;   b) Hand washing with running water and soap or use hand sanitizer; c) Wearing mask as appropriate.