Treats at the Villa


The Healthy Benefits of Tamarind Juice- at the Villa

We offer a variety of special juices and smoothies that have special health effects, such as Tamarind Juice. View this video for more information. And it is delicious too!












Fresh Coconuts

Treat yourself to freshly plucked coconuts from the Villa's beach garden. Watch the village coconut climber swiftly climb the coconut trees but watch out as the dhafu coconut (which is the coconut ready for drinking) drops down. Learn about the different stages of coconut maturing to ripeness and try your own luck with opening a coconut. 








Henna Painting

Treat yourself to an ornamental henna tattoo applied by village ladies. The women folk of Zanzibar are very fond of henna decorative paintings, and married women have their feet and hands done. Henna tattoo motives are floral, ornamental and you can choose from a variety of designs.