Things To Do


  • Main target group: People seeking rest and recreation and interested in local culture
  • Intensive contact with people and culture of Zanzibar
  • Eco+Culture Tours (Jambiani Village Tour, Spice Tour, Jozani Forest, Seaturtle Sanctuary)
  • Gorgeous diving and snorkeling spots at the reef
  • Water sports and boat trips to undiscovered islands

One message at the beginning: If you love entertainment places with funky shops and nightclubs or discos  - hands off Jambiani! Here you get the chance to take deep insights into culture and daily living of Zanzibarian people in beautiful and untouched nature. If you want to take a look beyond the borders of your room, if you like to get in touch with local people and even learn from them, or if you maybe just want to have some quiet and peaceful days under the sun - come to Jambiani and you will really enjoy your holiday!

With Eco+Culture on Tour
During your stay in Zanzibar you should not miss one of the interesting tours the island has to offer. Eco+Culture Tours, is an alternative Tour Operator, with strong ecological and cultural-friendly orientation and principles.
Take a look at the Eco+Culture Tours website and inform yourself about the classical Spice Tour, a visit to Jozani National Forest with Red Colobus Monkeys, a guided walk through Historical Stonetown or a boat trip with dolphin watching. And the unforgettable visit to a sandbank in the sea at Menai Bay with a sumptuous seafood lunch and the best fries (or chipsi in Kiswahili) in the world (according to our son!).

The  Cultural Village Tour in Jambiani - exclusively offered by Eco+Culture Tours in the village. Can be booked directly at their village office opposite the village school.

Diving and Snorkeling at the Reef
Zanzibar is a "hot tip" for diving and snorkelling fans in the world. The reef close to Zanzibar coast is the best spot to explore and discover the manifold underwater world of the Indian Ocean. Make your first steps in a PADI course or join a diving trip at the outer reef with an experienced and licensed guide. And with good luck you will watch sea turtles, dolphins and even sharks in their natural environment!

But even if you prefer to stay on the surface, you can enjoy the colourful underwater world at the reef. The fishermen of Jambiani stand ready to give you a lift with their local boats to the reef for a snorkelling afternoon. Or you take a boat to one of the numerous remote islands around Zanzibar, put your feet into the white sand and dream your personal daydream!

Stone Town Tour
Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar. It is a fascinating old town, with small meandering streets in which you can easily loose orientation but will soon discover orientation and points of interest like the House of Wonder, the old post Office, the Sultans Palace and some interesting and exotic shops.  Its architecture shows Arabic and Indian influences.

Many Festivals take place in StoneTown staged in front of an unforgettable scenery: 

Jahazi - The Jazz and Literature Festival            in October

The International Film Festival                             in July

Sauti Za Buzara, African World Music Festival in February

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