Bahati Villa


  • Private villa for rent, accommodates 12 people, situated directly on the beach of Jambiani on the East Coast of Zanzibar
  • Stylish villa for demanding guests in search of recreation, nature and local culture
  • Built in oriental-Zanzibarian style with local materials, ecologically oriented
  • Quiet central atrium with access to all rooms
  • Huge open verandah for meals and recreation
  • Private garden with sunbeds and hammock

BAHATI VILLA ("bahati" means "good luck" in the Kiswahili language of Zanzibar) is situated on the East Coast of Zanzibar in the centre of the peaceful and original village Jambiani. BAHATI VILLA is located directly on the beach and has a spacious private garden with sunbeds and hammock where you can retire for a little day dream.

Austrian Management
The Austrian owner of BAHATI VILLA, Dr. Susanne Nebel, is also the founder of the local NGO (Non Governmental Organization) "Jambiani Cultural Tours", working on the island since 1997 for the promotion of sustainable and cultural friendly tourism.

Traditional Arab-Zanzibari Architecture
Concerning the architecture and style "BAHATI VILLA" was inspired by Arabic and Zanzibarian influences. A lot of elements at BAHATI VILLA are determined by oriental shapes and ornaments, the doors and windows are richly decorated with woodcarvings of Zanzibarian style. The central atrium with access to the self contained rooms serves as a place of recreation and contemplation.

The groundfloor verandah is a spacious and open terrace where you can take your meals, join cultural programs or just relax. Under the typical Zanzibarian rooftop with traditional palm leaves (makuti) you will always get a refreshing breeze!